An Introduction
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CADFind3D: Search for Parts by Shape & Size

Rapid Estimating Rapid production of quotations and estimates is a key to any specialist engineering company that offers bespoke design or manufacturing services.  CADFind can identifies any similar parts made in the past allowing reuse of process plans & costs. Group Technology The system can automatically identify groups of geometrically similar parts and then allows the user to refine those ‘part families’ interactively.  Identifying part families is fundamental to the design of cellular manufacturing systems. Design Reuse & Part Libraries Design reuse is key to efficient design of products through the control of costs and reduction of new product lead times. CADFind3D’s catalogues can act as a libraries of parts for an individual designer or design team. Standardisation Standardisation is difficult to achieve for types of part that are not generic.  CADFind uses the geometry of the parts to find commonality & can identify duplicate (or very similar) parts automatically.

Applications of CADFind3D

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Download the FREE version of CADFind3D from the Products Page This version includes a test catalogue of over 1000 SOLIDWORKS parts
To download the FREE version of CADFind3D including a test catalogue of over 1000 SOLIDWORKS parts  click here


CADFind3D is the latest CAD shape search tool to emerge from Applied Search Technology Ltd.  CADFind3D is closely integrated with SOLIDWORKS and provides easy-to-use geometrical search capabilities that match 3D parts on shape and size.  Once found parts can be reused unchanged or modified as required; either way making substantial savings in time and cost. The tool is fast (it can search over 50,000 parts in under 5 seconds) and is very easy to use.  Parts can be stored in a CADFind catalogue/library and loaded back into SOLIDWORKS when required.   Invividuals or design teams can create as many part libraries as they require and each library/catalogue can hold up to 100,000 parts. CADFind3D comes in different versions to suit the size  of company and nature of the application. A free version of CADFind3D is available for smaller applications or to allow comprehensive evaluation of the system prior to purchase.