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CADFind3D Free is supplied with a test catalogue (or library) of over 1000 SOLIDWORKS parts and allows a user to create their own

library of parts in a CADFind3D catalogue.

CADFind3D Product Range

See the bottom of the page for recommended system configurations.
Notes: 1. Previous versions of CADFind supported mixed 2D and 3D catalogues and allowed searching for 3D parts from 2D sketches or drawings. These versions are available through our bespoke service.  Contact for more details. 2. The ‘Batch’ add function allows any number of parts to be added to CADFind3D’s catalogue in a single pass, with no further involvement required of the user.  CADfind3D can typically process around 1000 parts/hour. This rate depends on the complexity of the parts and the speed of the workstation. However it should be noted that part complexity does not affect CADFind3D’s search speed - it can search 50,000 parts in under 5 seconds on a typical workstation. 3. The Application Programming Interface (API) allows an external program to add, search, & delete parts from catalogues. This means CADFind can be used as part of a customer-developed system. Recommended System Configurations The Personal version of CADFind3D is intended for use by an individual designer.  The system uses a single catalogue (i.e. parts database) that can hold 1100 parts (FREE version) or up to 5000 parts (Personal Edition). The Enterprise versions are intended to be used in more complex applications where different catalogues need to be used to reflect different product ranges or types of part and where the number of parts involved is much larger.  These applications normally involve a team of people needing access to CADFind3D Usually each catalogue is managed by an ‘owner’, running a ‘Master’ system, who authorizes the addition or deletion of parts from the catalogue whilst other people may only need Read-only access, in which case they can use ‘Client’ licences.  These Enterprise systems have no limits on the number or size of the catalogues used.  We would recommend that each catalogue is limited to around 50,000 parts.  Thus a typical Enterprise implementation involves a mix of ‘Master’ and ‘Client’ licences.
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Purchase Feature Personal Free Personal Edition Enterprise Client Enterprise Master Enterprise  Pro/API/2D+3D Cost (excluding VAT) FREE £100 £200 £500 P.O.A. Application focus Individual Individual Engineering team Engineering team Company Sales Process Download Purchase Online Purchase Online Purchase Online Quote/Order/Invoice Maintenance & Support Website Website Contract Contract Contract 3D/2D 1 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D, 2D+3D 1 CAD interface SOLID WORKS SOLID WORKS SOLID WORKS SOLID WORKS Various Number of Catalogues one one Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Size of catalogue(s) <1100 parts <5000 parts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Catalogue creation No  (1 supplied) No (1 supplied) No Yes Yes Adding parts to a catalogue Single or Batch 2 Single or Batch 2 No Single or Batch 2 ,  Bureau (cost option) Single, Batch 2 ,  Bureau, Optimised Deleting parts from catalogue Yes Yes No Yes Multiple, Move, Copy  between catalogues Search for parts by shape Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Search for parts by text Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Search for parts from a 2D sketch No No No No Yes Load a part to CAD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Grouping tools No No No No Auto grouping, group  on seed or similarity Standardisation tools No No No No Auto duplicate or  similar detect Application Programming Interface 3 No No No No Yes
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